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unsigned char shutdown; atomic_t refcnt;

unsigned short family; /* Address family */ unsigned char reuse; /* SO_REUSEADDR setting */ unsigned char shutdown; atomic_t refcnt; /* Reference count */

socket_lock_t lock; /* Synchronizer... */ int rcvbuf; /* Size of receive buffer in bytes */

wait_queue_head_t *sleep; /* Sock wait queue */ struct dst_entry *dst_cache; /* Destination cache */ rwlock_t dst_lock; atomic_t rmem_alloc; /* Receive queue bytes committed */ struct sk_buff_head receive_queue; /* Incoming packets */ atomic_t wmem_alloc; /* Transmit queue bytes committed */ struct sk_buff_head write_queue; /* Packet sending queue */ atomic_t omem_alloc; /* "o" is "option" or "other" */ int wmem_queued; /* Persistent queue size */ int forward_alloc; /* Space allocated forward. */ __u32 saddr; /* Sending source */ unsigned int allocation; /* Allocation mode */ int sndbuf; /* Size of send buffer in bytes */ struct sock *prev;

/* Not all are volatile, but some are, so we might as well say they all are. * XXX Make this a flag word -DaveM */ volatile char dead, done, urginline, keepopen, linger, destroy, no_check, broadcast, bsdism; unsigned char debug; unsigned char rcvtstamp; unsigned char use_write_queue; unsigned char userlocks; /* Hole of 3 bytes. Try to pack. */ int route_caps; int proc; unsigned long lingertime;

int hashent; struct sock *pair;

/* The backlog queue is special, it is always used with * the per-socket spinlock held and requires low latency * access. Therefore we special case it's implementation. */ struct { struct sk_buff *head; struct sk_buff *tail; } backlog;

rwlock_t callback_lock;

/* Error queue, rarely used. */ struct sk_buff_head error_queue;

struct proto *prot;

#if defined(CONFIG_IPV6) defined (CONFIG_IPV6_MODULE) union { struct ipv6_pinfo af_inet6; } net_pinfo; #endif

union { struct tcp_opt af_tcp; #if defined(CONFIG_INET) defined (CONFIG_INET_MODULE) struct raw_opt tp_raw4; #endif #if defined(CONFIG_IPV6) defined (CONFIG_IPV6_MODULE) struct raw6_opt tp_raw; #endif /* CONFIG_IPV6 */ #if defined(CONFIG_SPX) defined (CONFIG_SPX_MODULE) struct spx_opt af_spx; #endif /* CONFIG_SPX */

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